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Makeup For Glasses Wearers

Makeup For Glasses Wearers

A common misconception is that people who wear glasses can't wear eye makeup because their frames hide all their efforts. The key is knowing how to apply eye makeup to your frame. 

For those who have worn glasses for an extended period, it is natural to think that your glasses are a part of your personality. Glasses can be a fun way to show your personality.

Since stylish glasses tend to draw attention to your eyes, you need to ensure that any makeup you apply to the eye area is clean and tidy and gives your eyes some clarity. Makeup is undoubtedly one of the greatest boons for hiding skin deficiencies or blemishes. 

However, when you apply it, your makeup is also very successful in accentuating, distinguishing, and enhancing specific details on your face. Be it full face makeup or prefer classic winged eyeliner and mascara, you are probably aware of the inevitable problems you face from wearing glasses all day.

While putting on makeup comes inherently to some people, it can be daunting for those who wear glasses. Glasses can make applying and maintaining makeup more difficult, but you will still wear your favourite products. If you wear glasses, you can use eye makeup in a way that is comfortable for you. We are discussing the foundation of your frames, mascara chipped off on your lenses, and more.  Read on if you're tired of glasses ruining your makeup and vice versa. Then, we give you the drinks and makeup tips you need to know.

Balance Your Bearings To The Thickness Of The Frame

  • If you are the type that prefers using thick frames due to your love for them or because that is just the only glasses you have in your possession, you don't have to worry. All you have to do is choose a thicker layer, and if you use the thin side frame, you have to hold your pad on the smaller side. 

  • Apply liquid liner and cat eye, or use a pencil for a more delicate look

Swivel Your Lashes and Be Cautious With The Mascara

  • Try, as much as possible, to put your priority on thick mascara rather than lengthening formulas
  • You want your lashes to be thick and curled instead of constantly banging your lenses!

No Long False Eyelashes

  • If you wish to make use of  fake lashes, go  for a pair that offers more volume than length
  • Ensure that  your eyebrows frame your face
  • While your glasses completely frame your face, so do your eyebrows!

Thick Lips

  • You can draw more attention to your lips with nice and bold lipstick. Doing this is a great way to intensify your facial features. 
  • You can use liquid lipstick mixtures to attain bright colours so they won't cover your face. 

Apply Some Powder To  Your Nose

  • Make sure the powder sets your foundation and concealer so your makeup doesn't run over your nose. Putting some powder on the nose pads of your glasses will also be of great help. 

Eye Makeup With Limited Vision

You can only do your make-up while putting on your glasses unless you want to ruin your makeup or the drinks. The best thing to do is to make use of a magnifying mirror. Also, avoid heavy-handed makeup. You can always add more, which is more accessible than removing it and starting over, as it will prevent the eyelashes from hitting the lens.

Curl your top lashes to prevent them from touching your glasses. Next, pinch the bottom of your lashes and hold the curler for 5-10 seconds as you lift them. Alternatively, coil your lashes using your fingertips for some seconds. Also, switch to a long-lasting mascara formula that won't smudge your lenses.

Best Way To Neutralise Dark Shadows Caused By Frames

The lens in your frame can intensify discolouration and darkness under the eyes, so concealer and under-eye concealer are essential. Concealer is the only product that can tighten and brighten your face instantly. 

Select the type of skin tone recipe with a tint brighter than your foundation. Choosing a more radiant skin tone recipe will help lighten the darkness. If the concealer doesn't wholly lighten the under-eye area, consider using a peach or pink concealer to counteract the purple or green. 

Apply concealer under your eyes, close to the lash line, and in the inner corners of the eyes. Blend with your fingers and massage the formula into the skin. Refrain from caressing your finger over the skin to prevent the frame from slipping, which can be annoying. 

Make use of long-lasting make-up formulas that will not slip. Select products that are water resistant, as you will see the inscription "water-resistant " on it. 

Complete An Eyeliner Shape With Your Frame

Correcting line thickness is essential if you wear glasses - if your eyeglasses frames are thicker, you should apply a thicker line on the upper lash line to make the eyes stand out. For tinier structures, it is advisable to use a softer line as it works best. It's essential to ensure a balance between defining your frame and your eyes.

Your eye line crosses the upper and lower lash lines - ensure the upper lash line extends across the eye, thinner at the inner corner and thicker at the outer corner. 

Catwalk eyewear experts recommend using a liner darker than your standard eye colour, as it establishes the perfect contrast that interprets the eyes. Two coats of black mascara on the top lashes also assist clear up the eyes for an awake and neat look.

Get The Most Out Of Your Brows Behind The Glasses

Glasses draw attention to the brows, so ensure your arch is kept in check. Remove or trim stray hairs and fill any voids or sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil or powder.

Wear Colourful Makeup With Colourful Frames

The colour of your eye shadow should not compete with the colour of your glasses. If you want to match your lid colour, try a slightly lighter base colour and use a few darker colours for the crease. The lighter, lighter colour of your frame will make your eyes stand out. 

If you want to experiment with lighter colours, lavender, blue, or green eyeshadow can complement your skin tone but contrast your cheery, youthful frame. Always finish with black eyeliner and mascara.

Make-up Tips For Hooded Eyes With Glasses 

Hooded eyes are characterised by skin that folds up from the brow bone, creating the appearance of a minor eyelid. They could be genetic or something that happens over time as you age.

The hooded eye makeup is slightly different from making for normal eyes. This little difference is essential to avoid having an odd loom after doing your makeup. 

Here are Catwalk eyewear expert tips for perfecting your natural or changing eye shape and making them pop.

  1. Avoid using a highlighter on your eyebrows.

You know those thick folds of skin under your forehead gotten either by inheritance or due to old age. If you "tag" these, you make them stand out more which will captivate more attention. 

  1. Use cream eyeshadows for long-lasting veil makeup

Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow is the safest way to wear eyeshadow for hooded eyes though it is also the best for other eyes. The long-lasting cream shadows also do not settle into the crease of the lids. Besides, they don't transfer and are very easy to use.

  1. Change the way you do the topknot eyeshadow.

Naturally, when doing your makeup, you add dimension to your eyes by incorporating a darker eyeshadow into the crease of the eye, but this is not the case when making up for hooded eyes because if that hidden flap of the skin falls into your outlet, it won't look decent.

Instead, achieve size, shape, and buoyancy by building a "fake" nest elsewhere. Bronzer is a great way to lift and balance your eyes as it will create the illusion of more lifted eyes and create balance.

  1. Eye mascara for hooded eyes.

Mascara is one of the best ways to make your eyes beautiful and shining. Apply mascara to the roots of your lashes first; go for it! Move the wand near your lash line, then sweep the mascara along your lashes.

  1. Buy a magnifying mirror.

Most people think they don't need magnifying mirrors, which is why many people don't have them until they start losing sight. However, it is vital if your eyesight is impaired. So do yourself a favour, and get one, as it will make your eye makeup much more straightforward.

  1. Eyeliner for the hooded eyes.

Eyeliner doesn't work for every eye shape, especially when the eye starts to "crease" at the outer corners, as it can accentuate the fall. The best way to make eyeliner for hooded eyes is to draw the lower lash line first.


Since glasses have become one of the most necessary accessories, it is crucial to get your makeup right to balance things. Knowing the tips to make up while using glasses will help you always stand out among the crowd, and you will not run out of style. 

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