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Benefits Of Metal Frame Glasses

Benefits Of Metal Frame Glasses


One of the great facts is that plastic frames can be a sign of boldness, colorful and attractive. They can be an extraordinary fashion statement. But have you considered metal frames? There are different styles of classic metal-framed sunglasses that greatly enhance your look. 

Metal-framed glasses offer a minimalist look and are often much thinner and lighter than similar glasses. They are also a bit more adaptable, making them suitable for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. The metal frame has a semi-rimless option, unlike its counterpart, with the lens attached to the temple instead of being tucked into the frame. It is perfect for people who don't want or can't wear contact lenses and prefer a slimmer look.

With the many styles of eyeglass frames on the market today, finding the right look is just the beginning. There are also considerations such as durability, lightweight, and hypoallergenic materials.

Metal frames are trendy because they offer unique benefits; although not all metal frames are created equal, their durability can not be overlooked. Some materials used in making metal frame glasses include Titanium, Flexon, Beryllium, stainless steel, and more.

1) Titanium

Titanium is a powerful, reliable, and corrosion-resistant metal that is perfect for thin bezels. These metals are light when compared to other metal as it is almost 40% lighter in weight, so you don't have to worry about the burden of putting heavy sunglasses on your face as the feeling is like you are not wearing glasses at all. 

Titanium is also hypoallergenic, eliminating adverse reactions on the sides of the head and the bridge of the nose. Titanium is flexible, which means it goes back to its standard shape when bent, so there is no worry about your metal glasses frame being shapeless after using it for an extended period. Titanium flexibility has made it very popular among athletes. These glasses come in numerous colours, although the original colour of titanium is silver grey. 

2) Beta Titanium 

It is a titanium-based alloy with small amounts of aluminium and vanadium. This type of iron is cheaper than 100% titanium frames. The good thing about these glasses is that they are more flexible than pure titanium due to the presence of other metals in their alloy. 


3) Memory Metal

Memory metal which is also known as Flexon, is a titanium alloy consisting of 50% titanium and 50% nickel. Metal memory frames are very flexible and can be severely bent or warped without losing their original shape. They are an excellent choice for kids and anyone who wears glasses because of their durability. Memory metals are cheaper than 100% titanium frames but also less hypoallergenic. The reaction caused by the framework is most likely the result of nickel.

4) Beryllium

Beryllium is an inexpensive alternative to titanium that is also corrosion-resistant. Beryllium is a fantastic option for anyone who spends a lot of time around salt water. Another advantage of these materials is that they are light in weight, flexible, and very strong. However, it is not hypoallergenic like titanium.

5) Stainless steel 

Stainless steel is an iron-carbon alloy containing chromium. Like titanium, this material is light, flexible, strong, and resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel is also hypoallergenic.

6) Monel 

Monel is an alloy of nickel, and copper is a popular and inexpensive raw material. Monel frames are less expensive than other metal alloys. However, depending on the condition of the coating used, it may or may not cause skin problems over time. Monel is very malleable and corrosion-resistant.

Benefits Of Metal Frames

Why should you choose metal frame glasses? There are many advantages of using metal frame glasses though they are designed for those who love a cautious or proficient look.    There are many reasons why women's metal-frame glasses and men's metal-frame glasses are better, and some of them will be discussed below.

  • Minimalist look

  • Glasses with metal frames look a bit conservative. For a more minimalist design, semi-rimless frames are available. A semi-rimless framed glass does not have a rim at the bottom of the glass. It only has an edge at the top. 

  • Metal framed glasses have better adjustment 

  • Metal-framed glasses maintain their adjustment, unlike other frame glasses that lose their adjustment with time which means fewer visits to the eye doctor.

  • Excellent fitting 

  • Unlike other glasses frames that do not give room for adjustment because they don't have nose pads, the nose pads on metal frame glasses provide room for adjustment. The nose pad can be adjusted to fit any nose shape and size 

  • For a healthy lifestyle

  • Due to their lightweight and flexibility, metal frame glasses are better suited for a practical lifestyle. Metal frame glasses are the best choice for someone who wants to look fashionable but is worried about allergies. This design also helps create a natural look while complementing your style.

    Metal-framed glasses can be customised in many ways, such as adding gradient or polarised lenses to the frame. The frame is designed to snap back into shape if twisted. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Glasses

    People underestimate the importance of wearing glasses sometimes. And people often question whether it is worth it. Be it that you got it from your optician or you got it from an online store, the truth is that it's worth it. 

    While wearing glasses daily is very important in keeping your eye healthy, it is also essential to not be a burden to the person putting them on. Here are some great benefits of wearing glasses and rocking the visual world!

    • It's a fashion statement!

    Wearing glasses only add to your overall appearance. You can select different styles, tints, and shapes to build your unique facial look.  Every brand of eyewear releases new types of glasses every year for you not to run out of styles 

  • It makes you look smart 

  • By wearing glasses, you correspond to the conception of looking intelligent, competent, cheerful, and desirable!  Every face can be put on a pair of glasses. Make sure you have the one that suits your facial features like your face shape, skin tone, and hair color. 


    • They are easy to access!

    Putting on glasses becomes easy when glasses are everywhere. You can get your glasses from a walk-in store, or you can look for a reputable glasses online store like Catwalk eyewear to get your glasses 

  • You will see more clearly.

  • Glasses enhance your vision. There are different type of glasses with additional features, such as polarised lenses which helps in reducing glare. 

    • Anyone can wear it, and lots of people do!

    Glasses are so popular, and you know you're not the only one wearing them. This way, it's as if you're in a particular club by being part of a group. The downside is that your face will suit a specific style of glasses a lot, after all. Everyone does! Check out all the available styles and find the one that suits you best.

  • They are much more comfortable than contact lenses.

  • Contact lenses tend to hurt and tear and are expensive. Many people are uncomfortable wearing contact lenses, and to be honest, glasses make it more fun and easier!

    Tips on how to get the best glasses 

    How to style metal frame glasses? We love that more and more people realize that glasses are one of the best fashion accessories. As an eyewear brand, we, therefore, must guide everyone who expects eyewear to elevate their style.

  • There are no rules for this. But to emphasize these facial features, specific fashion standards need much attention. 

    To let your angular features do the talking, you can opt for a sleek metal frame that slopes to rounded edges. Ladies, a cat-eye metal frame is just the magic you need.

    For owners of a round face shape, you can balance the delicate facial features by choosing metal eyeglass frames such as squares and rectangles. Yes, travelers can change the game! And if you like round retro shapes, go with an understated brow line style.


  • The correct setting for the suitable event

    As previously mentioned, metal frame glasses are very versatile. The perfect style of eyeglasses for all occasions! You'll find a pair worthy of professional use and a funky couple to suit your weekend party vibe.

    Dress smartly for the office, but don't forget to wear elegant, metal-framed glasses in a rimless style. Ladies, there is a way to get your coworkers' full attention when conveying the intent of an office meeting. Pair your long skirt and clean shirt with square metal frame cat eyeglasses. The cat frame supports the idea of ​​gender equality in the workplace.

    For a casual hangout at the pub, slip on classic, oversized metal-framed glasses, and you're ready to set the dance floor on fire. Not with the moves, but with the glasses! It would help if you had sunglasses for a weekend getaway to a sunny beach. Why not rely on aviator glasses with a stable metal frame? A toned physique is unnecessary, as your glasses are enough to turn heads.


    No garment or fashion accessory remains untouched by the influence of colour. When it comes to glasses, the impact is significant.

    Plain black and white frames have their charm, but why not explore the grey areas? Glasses with grey or silver metal frames are suitable for any occasion.

    Go even further and get a gold frame for that royal touch. This decade belongs to beige and shiny glasses in a beige metal frame are a great option. If you're looking for something fun and playful, feel free to experiment with bright colours like red, yellow, green, etc.


    Metal frame glasses are mainly regarded as highly rated fashionable glasses suitable for all occasions. But they also have some other beautiful properties. This frame is exceptionally durable thanks to its high strength and impact resistance. Once you add them to your wardrobe, you will enjoy their company for a long time.


    Are you thinking of getting metal glasses, either prescription glasses or sunglasses? Then what are you waiting for? Visit Catwalk Eyewear today and get a pair of classic metal frame glasses today 

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