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Convert Your Prescription Glasses To Sunglasses

Convert Your Prescription Glasses To Sunglasses


Prescription glasses are primarily used to correct or prevent eye deformities, allowing you to follow the latest trend in the fashion world. In addition, sunglasses block UV rays from getting into the eye and reduce glare. You might have heard of people converting their sunglasses to prescription glasses, and you keep wondering, can you transform your glasses into sunglasses? 

Yes, you can fit your medication lenses into sunglasses, giving the same prescription properties as the glasses you wear indoors. 

Switching between your regular glasses and sunglasses can be annoying, especially if you have to go indoors and outdoors frequently within a short period. You can imagine how often you will have to change your eyewear - why not protect your eyes and correct your vision simultaneously? By adding prescription lenses to your sunglasses, relish the fairest of both realms and painlessly conserve your eye health.

How To Build Your Prescription Sunglasses 

Suppose you are considering getting prescription glasses and sunglasses because you engage in many outdoor activities. Why don't you think of making your prescription glasses into perfect eyewear which can be used not only as prescription glasses but also as perfect sunglasses capable of blocking 100% UV rays and reducing glare to enhance your vision? 

There are four easy steps to making your prescription glasses sunglasses.

  1. Choose a frame for your sunglasses

The first thing to do is to choose a  frame perfect for your facial appearance, and for you to fo this, you must consider certain things like your face shape, skin colour, hair colour and the type of activities you will be engaged in when using your glasses. We have different face shapes, which include. 

    • Round Face Shape: A rectangular or square sunglasses frame is the best for people with this kind of facial shape. 
    • Square Face Shapes: People with this facial shape should opt for the large structure of a circular frame.
  • Oval face shape: This is a unique face shape as it fits almost all kinds of frame shapes.
  • Rectangular and oblong face shape: Oval or round frames goes perfectly with this type of face shape. 
  • Heart face shape: Sunglasses with rounded are suitable for this type of face shape. 

  •  Also, ensure that the frame you pick is at least 30mm to ensure the safety of the delicate part of your eyes. 

    There are different colours of frames to choose from chose the according to your taste. You can check Catwalk Eyewear for the best high-quality glasses frames. 

    1. Select a sunglasses lens type

    After picking your frame, the next thing to do is consider the lens you will use. If you already have a prescription glass, you can use the frame you already have.  There are three primary types of sunglasses lenses.

    1. Non-polarised lens: This type of lens offers 100% protection from UV rays coming from the sharp but cannot reduce glare. 
    2. Polarised lens: These lenses help reduce glare when engaging in outdoor activities. However, it must be noted that when a lens is polarised, it cannot block UV rays. For a lens to be safe, it must block 100% UV rays.
    3. Transition lens: These lenses can change automatically according to the light they are despised too. When exposed to sunlight, it turns dark, and when taken away from light rays, it becomes brighter, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

    When choosing a transition or polarised lens, ensure it has 100% UV rays protection. All sunglasses catwalk eyewear offers 100% UV protection. For those who have prescription glasses already, you can add an anti-glare coating to your lens to enhance your vision when under the sun.

    1. Make it prescription 

    You can ask your optometrist about your intention to get medication sunglasses to pick the best prescription. In addition, talking to your optometrist will help you get an update on the best glasses and the type of lens materials.

    Select the option of buying with a prescription after picking your preferred frame on the Catwalk Eyewear website. Finally, input the prescription given to you before placing your order. 

    1. Pick Your Preferable Lens Tint 

    The next thing to choose is to pick the best tint you want. Again, catwalk eyewear has a catalogue of different types of paint available for you to like. So select the shade according to your desire.  

    Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth It

    Many may think getting another pair of prescription glasses is unnecessary spending. However, correcting your visual eyesight defect using medication glasses differs from preventing your eyes from being damaged by the dangerous UV rays coming from the sun and the glare of the light rays, both natural and artificial. 

    Prescription sunglasses are uniquely designed to meet all critical eye and vision necessities, providing great satisfaction with style. These sunglasses not only offer you a clearer image but also helps in reducing the risk of you having UV-related eye defects like cataracts. 

    Getting prescription sunglasses will also save you the stress of carrying two different glasses as it is perfect for outdoor and indoor activities when it has polarised lenses. 

    Irrespective of where you find yourself, as long as you put on prescription sunglasses, you have little or no cause for concern, no matter the weather. 

    You may wonder if your prescription can be implemented in your sunglasses. The answer is yes. Any prescription can be used in making your prescription sunglasses. 

    Catwalk eyewear allows you to fill in or upload your prescription, after which it will be taken to the lab and produced. 

    If you have chosen designer glasses and it is observed that the lens in the sunglasses will not suit your prescription, a suitable lens will be fixed. Therefore, you will not see the designer logo on the lens of the sunglasses, but you will still get the authenticity of the frame brand and high-quality lenses


    Catwalk Eyewear offers a selection of brands, designs and styles of eyeglasses frames. Irrespective of the frame design, you can fit a prescription lens. All you have to do is input your correct prescription on the platform available, and it will be done. Prescription lenses can be added no matter the frame, be cat eye, avatar, or round or square shapes. 

    Prescription glasses also allow you to follow the latest trends in town without risking your eye health.  Visit Catwalk Eyewear today to get the best sunglasses frame that is perfect for your prescription sunglasses for as low as £46

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