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Eyewear Trends 2023

Eyewear Trends 2023


Eyewears have become an essential accessory and can often add a touch of elegance to people's lifestyles and personalities.  Unlike in the 18s when most people believed that anyone putting on eyeglasses had an eye defect, presently, eyeglasses are used not only to protect the eyes and correct eye defects but also as a means of fashion.

New designs of eyewears keep coming into the limelight daily, making it a little bit more complicated when deciding the styles to choose when updating your wardrobe. Eyeglasses are a natural rival point on your facial look, and you must stand out among the crowd. To achieve this goal, you must know the latest trending eyewears styles for 2023, so you stay in fashion. 

You may be curious about what will take over all the prescription eyewear trends in the coming year. As we are getting closer to the warmer season, there will be thoughts of how you will update your every day with some pairs of eyewears, be it prescription glasses or sunglasses.

As we are approaching the end of the year, designers and fashion enthusiasts are preparing for 2023 to create new styles and creative designs. The fashion world is eagerly awaiting what these top brands have for them. 

Due to the growing demand for eyewears, manufacturers of eyewears have taken this ever-increasing graph of orders in eyewears extremely. As a result, they have created some incredible products for the coming year, be it the elegant style of the glasses, the durable frame material, or the colour of the lenses to match.

With a wide selection of trendy glasses and frames, you will be able to discover the perfect set for your style. So whether you have a prescription, need blue lights, sunglasses for driving or reading, or are just looking for frames to make a fashion statement.

There are things you must consider before getting your eyeglasses which include 

    • Your face shape. There are different types of face shapes, and it will be helpful to know your face's condition before deciding what kind of glasses to get. For instance, someone with a square look should know those rectangular or square-face glasses are not the best for you
    • Your skin tone. Pick your glasses according to your skin tone. The glasses frame that is best for your friend's skin tone might be different from the one that will fit you perfectly.
  • Activities to be involved. It would help if you took note of your daily activities. Do you love sporting activities or you love jugging, then you should select glasses that are durable and have a good grip
    • Budget.  Your budget impacts the type of glasses you get, as good drinks are costly. 

    What's in Style in 2023?

    Glasses are a finishing touch to your outfit, and you want to be with them this summer, so you must be up to date and keep you addition, your. Your glasses should be one of your inspirations for every occasion you attend.

    You might be because we will be moving into the warmer season soon. So sunglasses should be one of the things you should consider first, not only because you want to look good but also to guard your eyes away from hazards caused by the dangerous UV rays from the sun. Catwalk Eyewear expertise has brought together some of the best men's and women's eyewear trends of 2023. 

    1. The Cat-eye frame glasses 

    You will discuss the best contemporary frame styles and mention the classic cat-eye frame glasses. This eyeglasses style is one of the leading women's eyewear trends of 2023, which you should be looking out for coming summer. It looks beautiful on almost all women because of its ability to fit into virtually any face shape. 

    These glasses will add a fresh angle to your face shape and enhance your personality. The cat-eye can exceed all fashion expectations with its new look every season. We keep seeing new designs of these cat-eye glasses now and then, as many brands have adopted these styles and can't stop improving their designs. 

    Catwalk Eyewear has different brands of this cat eyeglasses, such as Balenciaga, Anna Karin, Barton Perreira and so on. So, consider upgrading your wardrobe for 2023. Consider the cat-eye glasses.

    1. Round frame glasses 

    Despite being in the fashion world for over 100 years, round glasses are still one of the trending glasses in the present time. Round sunglasses have the unique ability to bring the best out of your facial look. Round frames add a more concentrated notion to your facial appearance. Wear confidence, and you will easily create your individuality.

    Round glasses are perfect for both casual and official settings. You can't run out of style using this type of sunglasses as it suits almost every occasion, including weddings, birthdays party and the like. 

    Round glasses are best for angular facial features with a square jaw,   prominent jawline, broad forehead, cheeks and chin. They are also perfect for people with a square face shape, oval shape and main features.

    1. The Tortoiseshell frames glasses 

    Tortoiseshell glasses are some of the most enduring eyeglasses ever found. They have been around for a long time and are still a part of the eyewear trend for both men and women. First discovered around the 1920s when it was made from a natural tortoise shell, but presently, it is made from acetate materials.

    Tortoiseshell glasses are considered vintage but go well with even the most modern outfits and occasions. Tortoiseshell has taken over from previously trending colours in eyewears, predominantly black. Many celebrities have fallen in love with this style, and the love for it keeps rising. We have seen it on Bruno Mars, James Dean, Matt Damon, Brat Pitt and the like. 

    This frame design offers a design that can't be gotten elsewhere. When talking about style then, tortoiseshell frames are the definition of styles.


    1. Aviator glasses 

    For a very long time, aviator glasses have existed, and till now, it's still one of the leading trending styles you should look out for in 2023. These glasses are uniquely durable and bring out the best of your look. 

    They were initially designed to give the military pilot a clearer view when flying in the sky. Aviator glasses give you a style look and a large lens capable of fully covering the eyes from dangerous UV rays. This is one of the best eyewears trends for men in 2023.  Celebrities have worn this style of sunglasses, like Tom Cruise in American mood and Oblivion, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Dwayne Johnson in Rampage and so on. 

    1. Rectangular frame glasses 

    Despite being worn by many today, the rectangular frame styles existed as far back as the 1960s. It later went out of trend and found its way back in the 1990s when some iconic Hollywood stars wore it. Fashion has not been a straight line; instead, it revolves around like a circle; that's why this classic style has made it to the list of the best trending eyewears to look out for in 2023.

    These rectangular glasses are known for their durability; presently, they have come in different types from which you can pick.  

    The rectangular glasses are tremendous for those who have round face shapes. The angles help to compliment the curves of the round face giving it a beautiful and balanced look and preventing everything from looking like a ball.

    1. Thick-framed glasses 

    Thick-framed glasses may once have carried a nerdy connotation, but today they are one of the most popular frames among celebrity wearers. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the traditional black frames as you might think that they will tire you out. 

    Pick thick-framed glasses in a softer colour like navy or dark red. Consider your face shape when choosing bold frames. Angled styles can add an edge to a rounder face, and if you have an angular face shape, you should go for rounded frames. This style is perfect for presentations and meetings. 

    1. Stylish Clear Eyeglasses

    Clear-frame glasses have taken the UK streets and are now one of the most popular eyewear trends. Clear has apprehended the ingenuity of fashion architects in every aspect, including clothing and accessories, and we can now see it in eyewears. 

    These glasses' unique quality is that they look good on everyone, along with the right frame shape for your face. It goes with every skin tone and hair colour. In addition, these glasses can be in different shapes and sizes, including oversized frames. 

     These glasses promptly give you a fun and fantastic glance without spending a lot of time selecting the type of clothes they will match, and it also suitable for almost every occasion. Some famous figures like Tom Hanks, Givi Hadid, and the like have adopted clear frames. 

    1. Geometric Glasses

    Have you thought of adding a new wave of unique features to your collection of frames—geometric shapes such as hexagonal and octagonal shapes, which are in vogue today? Geometric goggles are associated with the popularity of racing and will look spectacular next year.

    These glasses accentuate your face. The geometric glasses help underline your personality. This type of frame gives people with square face and angle that can be flattering, and it is perfect for almost any face shape. With many sides and angles to easily tackle your style

    worries, these ultra-futuristic glasses have dozens of fun styles to mix and match your outfit.

    Geometric frames differ from the trends we have seen over the last few years, giving you an unconventional style. So this fall, dare to break the rules and replace your classic rectangular frames with geometric ones.


    Your eyewear is one of the essential accessories to protect your eyesight and improve your facial look. Having the right pair of glasses on can make everything look fantastic, so it's imperative to get it right. 

    2023 is around the corner, and no one will want to be caught with outdated fashion eyewears; that's why Catwalk eyewears has the latest eyewear trends in stock.

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