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Importance Of Wearing Sunglasses UV Protection

Importance Of Wearing Sunglasses UV Protection

Knowledge about the importance of protecting your skin from the sun has spread rapidly among people. We see that individuals are so obsessed with guiding their skin from potential damage to the skin by the sun. What about your eye? The sun impacts eyesight when you expose it. 

Selecting the right sunglasses for your eyes is more than just looking good facially; it has to have the capacity to protect the eyes from all possible dangers coming from the sun. 

You will find out that some sunglasses and glasses on the market are equipped with UV protection which makes them cost more than regular glasses but don't you think it is better to spend the money on these UV protection glasses than damaging your eyesight to save some cash? Yes, you should, obviously; no one wants to lose his eyesight. 

What is UV Rays Protection Glasses?

UV protection sunglasses are sunglasses whose lens has been embodied with UV rays protection, and it can block all the sun's harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes and eyelids. 

These harmful rays from the sun frequently hit you directly, but they can also reflect off sand, water, snow and buildings on the cloudiest of days which causes glare and hinders your vision.  UV protection glasses have thin layers of UVA and UVB-blocking materials to protect your eyes outdoors. UV coating can be standard on some products, as with many sunglasses, or as an option with lenses. UV protection is so crucial that Catwalk eyewear offers only glasses with 100% UV ray protection. 

There are three types of UV radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC. The ozone layers absorb the UVC rays, but the remaining two rays always find their way to the earth's surface. As a result, UV rays can cause short-term and long-term eye defects. 

When it comes to UV radiation, the sun is a daily threat. But, apart from the sun, there are other artificial UV rays sources, including Fluorescent bulbs, tanning beds, welding machines, etc. In addition, UV protection in your glasses and sunglass lenses can help prevent the damage UV rays can do to your eyes. 

Benefits Of Wearing UV Protection Glasses

Protecting your eyes by wearing sunglasses and glasses with UV protection lenses is very important. These lenses have a thin, strong coating that blocks these dangerous rays. Most brands that have also gained a name in the eyewear industry offer sunglasses with 100% UV protection, which is one of the main reasons they are more expensive than ordinary sunglasses with no UV rays protection. The unique thing about this optical coating is that it can be added to your regular glasses, making it safe for use under the sun. 

People with high vision and partial ineptitude to see well without their medication glasses can go for medicated sunglasses which help them to go anywhere they want, irrespective of if the sun is out or not. It also saves them from the burden of using two glasses, which is less convenient than using prescription sunglasses. 

These medication sunglasses are personalized glasses designed for a specific person. The person will have to get his prescription from an optometrist, after which the prescription will be taken to the laboratory to produce the perfect sunglasses for the individual. Therefore, it is best to use experienced optometrists because any error in the prescription can hurt your eyesight.


The advantages of UV protection in sunglasses and glasses extend to the highest level of eye protection. You may have noticed that some people's glasses are dark, but they don't have to be sunglasses. These glasses protect us from the adverse effects of UV radiation.

If you have polarised lens sunglasses, then you are at an advantage. These polarised lenses help avoid glare produced by reflecting surfaces around you, such as water surfaces, ice, tiled road, etc. These type of glasses also allows you to drive conveniently without discomfort. 

Using sunglasses also helps reduce the risk of you having both short-term eye effects and long-term eye defects. Some long-term eye defects sunglasses can protect you from include cataracts, macular degeneration, and total vision loss. In contrast, short-term defects include headaches and temporary vision loss.

If you are looking for the best men's and women's sunglasses, head to our website and make your purchase.

Choosing the Right Sunglasses 

Apart from styles, there are other things to consider when selecting the sunglasses you want to buy, ranging from the type and quality of the lens to colour and other different things. Some of the things to consider are 

  1. Does the sunglasses provide adequate Protection: Before paying for your glasses, check the label for UV ray protection. Make sure the glasses offer complete protection from UV rays. All sunglasses Catwalk eyewears has in store provide 100% UV protection 

  1. 2. Frame shape and height: Another essential thing is the height of the lens. Ensure that the size of the lens chosen will be able to cover all the delicate skin around the eyes to prevent sunburn. Select sunglasses with a minimum length of 30mm 

  1. Go for Polarised lenses 

Standard sunglasses must block UV rays irrespective of whether they are polarised lenses or non-polarised lenses. The difference is that polarised lenses help reduce the glare from reflective surfaces, which can also damage eyes long-term and short-term. Therefore, when you pick polarised lenses, you will be far more comfortable outdoors than using the standard sunglasses lens. 

  1. Lens tint

The tint of your sunglasses lens does not affect the UV protection of the lens. There are different colours of sunglasses lenses from which you can select. Pick the tint you want according to your preferences and comfortability. 

  1. Lens Coating

Lens coatings allow you to increase the performance of your lens. Mirrored glasses are a great option if you're looking for non-polarized lenses for outdoor activities.

Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings help in extending the life span of your sunglasses and provide essential protection against sunlight and UV penetration through your lenses.

  1. style

Picking the right style of sunglasses lens is very important. Before choosing your sunglasses style, you must consider your face shape, skin color, occupation, and hair color. There are so many sunglasses styles available at Catwalk Eyewear, and you can browse through our sunglasses catalog to select your preferred choice. 

Is Polarisation The Same as UV Protection?

These are two different things, although most polarised lenses of standard sunglasses brands also have UV protection. Polarisation refers to the lens' ability to reduce fogging and glare in bright sunlight, but polarisation alone doesn't protect your eyes from UV radiation. 

While most polarised lenses are also UV-blocking lenses, ensure both features are included when purchasing your sunglasses; Polarization has nothing to do with UV protection, so you still need to provide UV absorption in lenses.

Can Contact Lenses Offer UV Protection?

Some contact lenses offer UV protection, but it's essential to know that they don't give the same degree of protection as UV protection in sunglasses. The contact lens can't protect the delicate part of the skin around your eyes, so to have complete protection, you can use sunglasses. 

It is excellent when you wear UV-protective contact lenses and sunglasses to protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from harmful UV rays to prevent sunburn. 

How To Buy Sunglasses Online

The first thing to do is to look for a reputable sunglasses online store like Catwalk Eyewear. All of our sunglasses offer 100% UV protection so that you can immediately get to grips with that all-important first feature. From polarised to traditional lenses, we have a wide variety of sunglasses and everything from budget to designer frames. 

Catwalk eyewear also allows you to add your prescriptions to your sunglasses if you wish to do so. All you have to do is to click on "buy with prescription" and input your correct prescription before placing your order. 

Remember to incorporate your sunglasses into your daily routine - whether driving or spending time outdoors, your eyes will thank you.


Sunglasses should be one of the essential accessories for every individual. You are eating healthy food, and proper eye care is insufficient. It would be best if you protected them from UV rays and the glare produced by reflective surfaces. 

Everyone intends to grow old and still have good eyesight. To achieve these, then, make sure you make use of standard sunglasses that have complete UV ray protection. This will help you prevent long-term and short-term damage that can be done to the eyes by the sun. That's why Catwalk Eyewear is always there for you and constantly ready to offer the best sunglasses that will give your eyes the complete protection needed.  

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