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How To Wear Colored Shades With Style

How To Wear Colored Shades With Style

Most people stick to conventional black or brown shades when it comes to sunglasses. But why not experiment with some fun colours? In this article, we’ll show you how to wear coloured sunglasses with style and avoid turning into a walking advertisement for your sunglasses brand.

What are Colored Shades?

Sure, you might have a few pairs lying around the house, but chances are you don’t know how to wear them in style.

If you want to look good and stay protected from the sun, coloured shades are a great way to do it. They add some fun and colour to your outfit and can also help protect your eyes from the sun. So whether you’re looking for something to casual up an outfit or keep you safe while out in the sun, coloured shades are a great option.

Here are a few tips on how to wear coloured sunglasses:

  1. Choose the right colours. If you want to stand out in a crowd, go for bright colours. But if you want to keep things casual, go for softer colours or neutrals.
  2. Try a pair with a dark lens if you want more protection from the sun. But be warned, dark lenses can make your eyes look bigger and more pronounced.

How to Wear Colored Glasses

Coloured shades are a great way to add personality and colour to your outfit. You can wear them with any outfit, and they'll help you look more stylish. Here are some tips on how to wear coloured sunglasses with style:

  1. Choose the right shades. The wrong colours will make your sunglasses look uncomfortable and goofy. For example, if you're wearing brown shades, don't wear red ones. They will clash and look silly.
  2. Match the colours of your clothes. If you're wearing a red shirt, match it with your red sunglasses. If you're wearing green glasses. This will make your outfit look more coordinated.
  3. Use accessories to complement your sunglasses. For example, if you wear a black dress and sunglasses, add a black purse or belt to complete the look. This will help you stand out from the crowd and look more fashionable.

What to Keep in Mind When Wearing Colored Glasses

When you wear coloured sunglasses, there are a few things to remember. First, find a pair that fits your face well. Second, make sure shades are coordinated with your outfit. Finally, make sure the colours of your sunglasses complement your outfits. Here are some tips to help you look good:

-Choose a pair of sunglasses that fit well and are comfortable. Make sure the lenses are large enough to cover your entire eye area.

-Try to coordinate the colour of your sunglasses' shade with your outfit's colour. For example, choose a pair of pink sunglasses to match if you're wearing a pink dress.

-If you're going out in bright sunlight, it's best to choose darker shades instead of colourful ones. This is because bright colours will become faded and lost in the light.

Tips for Making Colored Glasses Look Fashionable

Wearing coloured sunglasses can be a fun and stylish way to customise your look, but it's necessary to know how to wear them, so they look good and don't overwhelm your outfit. Here are some tips for making coloured shades look fashionable:

-Choose a colour that works well with the rest of your wardrobe. For example, if you're wearing a lot of blue or green clothes, go for a colour like pink or purple that will complement them.

-Choose a pair of flattering sunglasses on your face shape and size. For example, a round face might want to choose glasses with a small frame, while someone with an angular face might prefer larger frames.

-Add a little colour to your outfits by wearing accessories the same colour as your sunglasses. This can be a bracelet, necklace, or even a dress!

-If you're wearing a dress, try pairing it with a colourful sunhat or scarf. This will help brighten your outfit and make your sunglasses look less noticeable.

What Color Glasses go with Everything

Wearing coloured shades can add some pizzazz to your look. But, like anything else in life, it's important to know what colours go with what colours. So here are a few tips on how to wear coloured sunglasses with style:

-To create a more feminine look, pair your shades with pink or light purple clothing.

-For a masculine look, wear shades like black or brown in darker colours.

-If you're looking for something in between, choose a complementary colour to both of your primary colours. For example, choose a green lens to complete the look if you're wearing pink and brown shades.

-Finally, remember that you should always mix and match different shades together for the best results.

For example, if you're wearing pink and brown sunglasses together, try alternating between the two colours every so often to get the most exciting look. 

 Matching Glasses to Outfit

When it comes to wearing sunglasses, there are a few things to remember. First, always choose shades that go well with your outfit. This means you should consider the colours of your shirt, pants, and accessories. Second, make sure that your sunglasses are fitted perfectly. They should sit low on your forehead and not be too large or small. And finally, keep in mind the style of sunglasses you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing round sunglasses, try to match them up with a similar type of earrings or necklace.

How to Match Sunglasses With Clothes

If you want to wear coloured sunglasses with any outfit, it is important to know how to match them. For example, if you are wearing a blue t-shirt, go for a light blue pair of sunglasses. On the other hand, if you are wearing a red skirt, choose red sunglasses. Matching your sunglasses with your clothes is integral to looking fashionable and makes you look more professional.

What to Wear with Red Shades

Finding clothes that go well with red glasses can be challenging when you have red glasses. But don't worry, there are a few ways to wear coloured glasses and still look stylish. Here are three ideas:

1) Pair red glasses with a bright top or dress to make your eyes pop and show off your personality.

2) Add colour to your outfit by wearing a colourful scarf or blouse. Don’t wear something boring.

3) Stick with neutral colours for your outfit and pair with red glasses. It balances your look and makes you look more sophisticated.

Whatever you decide to wear, match it with the correct red glasses. You'll look great and feel confident in your new look!

Fashion Glasses

If you want to rock coloured shades with class, you can do a few things. First, know your colour options. If you want a more conservative look, stick to black or brown shades. However, if you're going to add some pizzazz to your look, try out some other colours available.

For example, if you're drawn to green shades, consider wearing them with a blue top or dress. Or, if you love plumage and want to wear purple shades with everything, go for it! Mix and match your shades so they don't look too similar.

And remember: always choose shades that flatter your complexion. If you have a breakout area or are paler than most people, avoid darker shades that will make you look more like a vampire.

In conclusion, coloured sunglasses can be incredibly stylish to jazz up any outfit. Just be sure to select shades that complement your skin tone and style preferences.

Warby Parker

There are plenty of ways to inject some hues into your style game. There's something for everyone when wearing coloured shades. Here are five tips on how to wear coloured shades with style:

  1. Keep it simple - A great way to show off your shades is to go for a minimalistic look. Stick to a few key pieces that help showcase your new accessories, and you'll look stylish and confident simultaneously.
  2. Use complementary colours - Don't just focus on one colour alone when picking out your shades. Think about what colours work best together and choose a few that capture the essence of your personality. For example, if you're creative and love bright and cheerful blooms, go for shades like orange or yellow. If you're more conservative, opt for softer hues like blues or greens.
  3. Dress up or dress down - Just because you're wearing colourful shades doesn't mean you have to dress up all the time. Sometimes it's fun to mix things up and take advantage of the versatility of these accessories by dressing them down for a night out or dressing them up for a more formal occasion.
  4. Stick to classic shapes - When it comes to shades, it's significant to stick to classic shapes like rectangular or round sunglasses. This will help you avoid looking too trendy or fashion-forward and still look stylish when wearing your colourful shades.
  5. Layer - Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, always try to layer your accessories to create a complex look. For example, wear bright lipstick with bright sunglasses and a cool t-shirt for a more casual vibe, or go for a more subtle look with neutrals like black or grey shades and neutral lipsticks.

Whatever your style tendencies, there are plenty of ways to wear colourful shades with style. Just remember to stick to classic shapes and layers, and you'll be sure to look stylish no matter what.

Pair Eyewear

With so many options, pairing colours can seem daunting! The following tips will help you stylishly wear colours:

  1. Start with your outfit: If you have an outfit that is predominantly one colour, stick with that colour throughout your look. This will help keep things simple and cohesive.
  2. Add a pop of colour: If you're feeling more experimental, add a splash of colour to your look by wearing shades in a different colour than your main outfit. For example, wear green pants and a white shirt, and wear a blue pair of sunglasses to add brightness and vibrancy to your outfit.
  3. Use shades as accessories:  Instead of just wearing sunglasses as part of your ensemble, use them as an accessory to enhance the look of your outfit. For example, try adding a colourful pair of earrings or necklace to brighten up your look.
  4. Mix and match shades: Don't be afraid to mix and match different shades when putting together an outfit! This will help you create a unique and stylish look.

By following these tips, you can easily create a stylish and colourful look.


Coloured shades can be a great way to inject some life into your look, and with the right outfit and accessories, they can be dressed up or down for any occasion. So whether you are looking for a subtle pop of colour or something more dramatic, these tips will help you dial in the perfect look for your style. So go ahead, mix it up!

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