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Eyewear Trends For 2023

Eyewear Trends For 2023


Around 60% of people in the United Kingdom wear glasses, and it's normal for you to desire to put on something stylish that will also fit your unique taste. 

This shows that ophthalmologists have seen the challenges and have worked hard to achieve rewarding results in helping many citizens find the right lenses for their glasses.

Fashion accessories, glasses and sunglasses follow all major design trends. 2023 can't be an exception to the rule and will bring its share of new ones! So what are the women's and men's eyewear trends for 2022? Gorgeous, trendy and expressive. These words faultlessly add to the modern collection. A modest but courageous aesthetic that will appeal to anyone who needs a unique pair of glasses.

But the thing is that trend change from time to time, and technological development has also played a significant role in trending eyewear

We'll cover some interesting things about the eyewear industry to get you up to speed.

How Big Is The Eyeglasses Industry?

The entire eyewear market is tallied to surpass £157.9 billion in  2021. Furthermore, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.4% from 2022 to 2030. Driven by the increasing demand for luxury accessories, eyewear manufacturers are focusing on developing attractive and affordable eyewear. In addition, they introduce new designs and patterns to respond to current trends and attract fashion enthusiasts quickly. Because eyewear has been and remains one of the most in-demand things, this industry has grown tremendously and will continue to grow into 2023.

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic also had a positive impact on the market. In addition, due to the adoption of remote work and online learning models due to lockdown restrictions, people are spending more and more time on smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. 

Longer screen time has encouraged consumers to spend money on anti-fatigue and prescription eyewear, allowing lens manufacturers to increase sales of anti-fatigue and blue light reduction lenses.

Purchasing  Glass From An Online Store

The demand for glasses will increase. You have hundreds and thousands of styles to choose from when you shop online. In addition, you can customise your glasses. There are many shapes and frame materials to choose from, and you can buy several frames.

Shops selling eyeglasses have to incur substantial consumer costs to make a lot of money. At the same time, online stores sell the same type of frames at relatively lower prices and much higher quality than online venues.

Things To Put Into Consideration When Choosing Eyeglasses 

Before you even start thinking about the latest eyewear trend, it's essential to lay the groundwork for finding the right product to stay in style. The things to consider are: 

  • Your Face Shape

  • Your face shape is the most important thing to consider when selecting the right glasses. There are many types of face shapes like square face shape, round face shape, heart face shape and so on. 

    Gentle curves characterise round face shapes, and the length and breadth of the face are almost the same. The oval face has a proportional oval look when comparing the height and width, and the jaw is a little narrow than the chick born, while a square face displays strong cheekbones and jawline. 

    Another face shape is the Oblong face, characterised by the long length and straight lines on the cheekbones. We also have a rectangular face shape described by the broad forehead, the line on the cheek is straight down, and the chin is narrow. 

  • Skin Colour  

  • The latest trending eyeglass frame colour should suit your skin tone. With warm skin tones, contrasting colours should be avoided. The white and black frames don't match either. The best choices are shades of brown, beige, olive green and light tortoiseshell. Cool skin tones blend perfectly with colours like silver, white, black, pink, purple, grey, tortoiseshell, etc.

  • Lifestyle And Personality

  • Your lifestyle greatly influences the type of glasses you are to pick. Make sure the product you are picking matches your lifestyle. You have to think of the job you do, the activities you are constantly engaged in, the places you visit, etc.  Considering these things will help you get the best eyeglasses that suit you. 

  • Modern Style Glasses
  • If you are in the store looking for new glasses, you will find many styles in today's modern market. Ancient forms inspire some powerful cravings in the 70s and 80s. This is a trend to embrace as this style has been relaunched to make an ongoing fashion statement and is poised to conquer the eyewear industry over the next few years.

    Catwalk eyewear has several styles of eyeglasses in a variety of materials. Some of the styles we offer are:

  • Geometric Shapes Eyeglasses 

  • The geometric shape has been popular in the formal setting. The rate at which people are exploring geometric shapes keeps surging. This product is suitable for young and passionate people who want to impress their friends. These glasses come in different pigments. 

  • Fashionable Transparent Glasses

  • Ultimately trendy and stylish - the trend of clear glasses, these glasses may be clear, but you won't see through when you wear them. Despite being famous for a long time, they are still making waves in eyewear. White and translucent frames continue to be a trend to look out for in 2023. If you wear the glasses the right way it should, then there is no reason these glasses will not suit you. Very popular among women who wear light makeup other than transparent frames.

  • Popular Thin Frame Glasses

  • People are finally ditching thick glass frames in favour of thinner options. The lines are carefully chiselled to create an attractive, minimalist look. These frames have grown in fame to become one of the most popular eyeglasses chosen among men and women.  Regardless of your face shape and colour, this product is perfect.

  • Handcrafted Details

  • People are now trying to define their personalities and lifestyle by incorporating handmade details into their glasses. Look for patterns and decorations that create a feeling of interest and use them to describe how the world sees you. Feel free to choose florals to represent the richness of colour in your life or crystals to complement your jewellery choices.

  • Blue Light-Blocking Lens

  • There is no denying that people spend more time in front of their screens. This negatively affects his eyesight. Glass designers found a solution by incorporating blue light-blocking glass into the product. Light is emitted from electronic screens and sunlight. You will reduce eye strain by choosing glasses. If people realise the benefits, glasses will be purchased in bulk starting in 2022.

  • Micro Cat Eye Glasses

  • The style was popular in the 1990s among the fashionable and bold crowd. Trends are back in full force. The trick of the day is to make sure the bezels are slim. The wings are also exaggerated for people who want to accentuate a slim silhouette. You can expect more innovative products to be developed from the same line in Eyewear 2022; these are the perfect fashion glasses for women.

  • Big Frame Glasses
  • Oversized frames have always been part of the culture, and there is no doubt that these have always been stylish glasses. However, people who are fed up with ultra-narrow bezels will want something that catches everyone's attention. In 2021, people will likely choose the butterfly and bottom style to represent the vintage yet fun and timeless style of eyewear.

  • Classic Glasses
  • Classic glasses will always be in fashion because attracting attention is not easy for everyone. Some people prefer to maintain a formal, calm and collected personality. If you fall into this category, you will love classic glasses with minimalist design elements. Colours include grey, black and brown. You can also try bright colours as they suit every skin tone and outfit.

  • Glasses With A Flat Top
  • These glasses have a flat top line to create a bold look. Expect more people to wear them in 2021 as the world celebrates confident men ready to try vintage in modern times.

  • Round Glasses
  • Round glasses are a prevalent choice, especially for men. Many styles are available, the most popular being the round Ray-Ban sunglasses. Round glasses bring back the vintage vibe. They have been popularised in the past by many celebrities like Elton John, John Lennon and even Gandhi

    Again, there are various types of round glasses available in the market to suit all face types, including clear round glasses, big round glasses, small round glasses, and of course, big round glasses.


    2023 is a year to stay in style. There are classic and stylish styles of sunglasses you should look into to upgrade your wardrobe. Visit Catwalk eyewear today to get the best sunglasses. 

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