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Imagine getting your makeup done for a classic event with a pretty outfit to complement such a beautiful facial look - absolutely fantastic right? What then happens to all that beauty when you slip on those eyeglasses? 

An eyeglass is a facial accessory, too; let it pop!

So frequently, makeup tends to be hidden behind the glasses people wear. It is often due to the wrong application or combination of makeup products suitable for such looks and circumstances. Still, not to worry, in this article, we will be fixing that blunder so you can be all fixed up for all occasions without your eyeglasses coming in the way when you step out in elegance! 

Makeup Complements, Eyeglasses do too

Ever been a day when you feel your face just doesn't seem to be in order like it should? That kind of day when you run to your eyeglasses to cover a breakout here or an eye bag there? Yes, those days are normal, too, they could even come around more often than we would want them to, but that's fine. 

Just as your eyeglasses come in handy in those dye moments, make-up could do some work too, and this time, without it seeming to be at loggerheads with your eyeglasses. In fact, they can give the perfect coverage and accentuation you need when combined rightly with colours that match your skin tone without hiding behind your Catwalk Eyewear eyeglasses when you slip them on.

Eyeglasses and make-up give the face some special uplifts separately on their own, but the issue often is how to bring them together without causing a 'facial-chaos'.

With the eyeglasses and make-up working together on your face, you can be sure to make that head-turning appearance whenever you want to. These two facial accessories attract the most attention and are reliable for the good looks you want.

So let's look at some make-up ideas to help sort out the makeup-eyeglasses issue.

Groomed Eyeglasses

Your eyebrows are one of the significant components of your makeup. When gotten right, they could be one of the major eye-catching features on your face - totally hard to miss.

When handling the eyebrows, you must be careful and attentive to your curves and arches. The eyebrows define the outline of your eyeglasses, even as the eyeglasses do the same for your eyes, so you shouldn't miss it or get it wrong. A little shift could change the shape of your eyebrows completely, which will also affect the look of your face drastically.

What To Do? Brushing The Eyebrows

Normalise taking care of your eyebrows. Groom them and trim them right. Please pay attention to your arches when trimming them and brush carefully to keep them in place. 

Just like other hairs on the body, even though not as quickly, the eyebrows grow, and when not taken care of, they could grow out of shape and make a face look quite unkempt. Hence the need to trim your eyebrows from time to time.

Brushing and waxing your eyebrows is one way to ensure that your brows are in good shape. Here's how to go about it:

The first step you would want to take is to comb the brows all out. You can not trim those eyebrows right if they first aren't combed all out. Combing them would help you to identify the overgrown hairs and know where to start trimming from. 

To do this, you would need what is called a 'spoolie brush', which is specifically for brushing the eyebrows. They look like regular mascara brushes. If you don't know where to find it, perhaps, you should check it out at your local drugstore. You should see it there.

The second step is to cut the eyebrows carefully. For this step, you would need a good pair of scissors. Brush up the brow hairs and then slowly cut off the hairs that are longer than the line or level you would want. 

Although you want to ensure they are not overgrown or too long, you also need to be careful not to cut them too short, as that will look weird or ridiculous. 

As you cut, keep brushing to ensure you get your desired shape; the brush should help you. After cutting, brush the hair off your face.

Using The Eye Pencil To Create An Outline

After brushing and cutting the brows off carefully, apply your eye pencil, using it to fill in the tiny spaces and give the eyebrows some density. 

You can use the brow pencil to create a more defined line and arch, which will give the eyebrows some level of sharpness.

Although you would want them bold and, you wouldn't want to overdo it, else you would leave them looking fake and too artificial. What you should be looking for instead are full and fluffy-looking eyebrows that appear natural and not overkilled with thick brow pencils.

Some people may not be so comfortable with the density of their eyebrows after using eye pencils. Some people just like to look absolutely simple and as natural as possible. To achieve this look without an eye pencil, you can use a brow gel, brow powder or brow wax. When used right, they make the brows look simple yet lovely.

Eyeshadow: Keep It Simple

When doing eye makeup for an eyeglasses wearer, it would be nice to keep the eye makeup simple and focus more on the eye-defining aspects, like the eyeliner. 

This would mean using a lighter colour or shade of eye shadow. Eyeglasses have their ways of making the eye area look darker than they naturally are. You might want to reduce the number of colours you use as eye shadows and then use only lighter shades on your eye area.

This isn't to say that you should only use shades that are the same as your skin tone. It is okay to do some freestyles. Trying something different wouldn't hurt, either. So, try out some new colours that aren't so dark.

You can also go all shouty with your shimmers for the eyeshadow part of your makeup. Wearing glasses shouldn't stop the glittery flow of elegance you give. So, spice up your eye makeup with some shimmers or even soft glitters - not too much, just the right amount of classy to make that look.

Eyeliners: A Must For A Perfect Eyewear Makeup Look

When doing your makeup as an eyeglass wearer, you might want to take a few steps from 'the colourful' and focus more on definition, especially when figuring out the right combos for your eye makeup.

Eyeliners for eyeglass wearers give the eyes that definition necessary for each look. When doing your eye makeup, you should go creative with your eyeliners. Try out a nice colour and apply it outside the rim of your lash line, not inside the rim of your eyes.

Wearing eyeglasses could create an illusion of your eyes being smaller than they actually are. That is why you need eyeliners to make them more enhanced and defined.

You might also want to apply those eyeliners according to the size of your frames. The bigger the frames are, the easier it will be for your eyeliners to go unnoticed. So, if your eyeglasses look big, increase the thickness of your eyeliner to give your eyes that bold and striking look through the eyeglasses. When the frames are smaller, you should make the eyeliner thinner to avoid looking overkill.

Your eyeliner should naturally take on the shape of your eyes to adequately define them. While doing this, you should be careful not to cut the end of the eye off when drawing; the eyeliner should follow through to the end.

The purpose of eyeliner for eyeglass wearers is the enhance and define the look of the eyes and also add some colour to the whole look. To achieve this, it is best to pick a colour that is different and lighter than the frame of your eyeglasses. So even when you put the glasses on, the eyeliner would stand up, making the eyes more pronounced.

If you are unsure of what colour will suit you best, it is safest to try out black, brown or navy blue. You can hardly be wrong with those colour choices; they go well with almost everything.

Fixing Your Lashes

The eyelashes are one of the parts of your eye makeup that can easily be neglected, but when taken care of, they can give your looks a super-defined outlook. 

The exciting thing about lashes is the fact that you must not really work so hard on your lashes. Several false lashes have different lengths and sizes to match your comfort and desires.

The makeup component best for this is called the 'mascara'. Curling your eyelashes and applying a reasonable amount of mascara will make your eyelashes look thick and broad and will give your eyes a bright look. 

Sometimes, there might be issues with the mascara staining the lens of your eyeglasses. To fix that, you can use your eyelash curler. The curlers lift your eyebrows and keep them in shape, preventing them from rubbing against your lenses.

Using Your Concealer Rightly

The concealer is a major component of your face makeup. It helps create an appropriate combination of light and shadows on the face, giving the details in the face some balance.

Nothing is appalling like an uneven skin tone right after makeup is done. In fact, what's good makeup without adequate concealing? Using foundation alone wouldn't do the job, you know?

Just like its name, the concealer helps to conceal the darker areas on the face to provide a beautiful face with an even skin tone.

Frequent wearing of eyeglasses could result in a darkening of the eye area, but that can be fixed, anyway. A yellow-based concealer can be applied on the eyelid and nose bridge to brighten it up and cause evenness.

Bold Lips

When doing makeup for a person who wears eyeglasses, you should try to make the eyes subtle but the lips bold. Since the eyes will be taking on a very subtle shade or colour, it is best to compliment this with a louder or pronounced colour. 

Although it may be more logical to use colours of lipsticks or lip glosses that match the colour of the frames, it's more creative and contrasting when you use other colours that look good too. To achieve this, you can try using nude colours for the lips.

A Simple Face-Makeup Would Do

After doing light makeup for the eyes and a bold colour choice for the lips, simple face makeup is all you need to complete your look. It will be overkill to do heavy makeup on the face. So, to bring out the definitions and contrast adequately, try out some mild makeup on the face instead with just some essential foundational touches and some blush.

Can I Wear Eyeglasses With Makeup?

If you feel worried about your looks sometimes or you wish to brighten up your face with some makeup but are concerned about the speculations that it is impossible to wear your makeup under your Catwalk Eyewear eyeglasses, worry no more. 

You can absolutely wear your makeup under your glasses, and there is nothing wrong with doing so. Rather than ruin your looks, it adds some colour and beauty to your appearance when done right.

Do Eyeglasses Hide My Make-up?

Your eyeglasses do not particularly hide your makeup. As earlier stated, eyeglasses are part of facial accessories. They help promote a gorgeous look rather than make its wearer look all clumsy and unattractive.

It all depends on how you style it. If you apply the right makeup and the right style of eyeglasses, there shouldn't be any reason why your eyeglasses should hide your makeup.

Knowing the perfect combinations cannot be over-emphasized in this case. Always remember subtle eyes, bold lips and subtle face makeup.

Another thing you should consider is the shape of your face and the shape of the glasses suitable for it. Although different colours of eyeglasses can be played around with into a beautiful look, the face shapes combined with the shape of the frames can make or mar your facial outlook.

Choosing The Right Frames

Knowing your face shape would go a long way in determining how well eyewear will suit you. Whether you have a round, oval or square face, there are different recommendations for frames to serve you. 

For example, a person with a round face should go for a frame that will complement the roundness with angles or curves, like a square or geometric frame. 

There usually are more than enough options to choose from; all you need to look out for is what suits you. To help in your search, Catwalk Eyewear has various eyeglasses that will go with your makeup and face shape. No need to worry about your makeup hiding behind your eyeglasses anymore as you now know how to work the make-up game in your favour and pair it up with the appropriate eyeglasses for you. 

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